lose conditional formatting when importing to Outlook 2010

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I am opening [not importing] pst's from Outlook 2000 to 2010, with several hundred entries of conditional formatting (many entries in each of 24 total rules created in the "using colors" portion of the OL2000 Organize tool. Sometimes the conditional formatting comes in when the new pst opens and sometimes it doesn't. If it does, it keeps disappearing. Always. I've never been able to keep it.

I've saved copies of the view - many times. When that copy doesn't disappear entirely, the content gets changed to what I can only assume are the default settings of the PST that gets created with the profile. The newly created and saved view name is there (most of the time, but it goes away sometimes, too - to pop up later when I thought it was gone for good) but that view never has the conditional formatting.

I've tried opening the pst as both OUTLOOK DATA FILE and OUTLOOK 97-2002 DATA FILE. Both ways seem capable of bringing in the conditional formatting, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to the final outcome: it still disappears.
I have tried creating a different profile, changing the name of the OL2000 pst to be "Outlook Data file - [profiile name].pst" where [profile name] is the name of the new profile. From what I've seen, this seems to be the default syntax of a OL2010 pst. I've also tried renaming the OL2000 pst, before I ever open it, to this name (and changing the OL2010 default pst to another name so there's no conflict), as well as just calling it "[profile name].pst" but this doesn't work, either.

I've created many copies of the good view (which has the correct imported conditional formatting) but the me-specific contents always disappear. Is there a correct sequence to do this - maybe I've not hit it despite DAYS of working on this now, and poring over several dozens of forums for answers. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled outlook and still no luck.

Somewhere I read there's a hidden file in the mailbox that contains conditional formatting - is this where the default is? Can I swap my good OL2000 pst with it?

Something else? I'm way beyond frustrated at this point. Hope someone can help me. THANKS!!
Conditional formatting is stored in the view. The only thing I can think is that the views created in old ANSI pst files are not stable in Outlook 2010. You need to convert to a Unicode pst. It is possible to move views to a new pst file - I'm not sure if 2010's copy view to a new folder command will copy the view to the pst, but if not see http://www.outlook-tips.net/how-to/copy-outlook-custom-views/ for ways to do it.
Thanks for the link. I will give it a try and let you know how I fare.
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