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Hi I am trying to color code anything that is sent to me in RED (got that) BUT if it is from a certain email/text in header- leave it BLACK (got that)

Now here is the question:
I have the need to do the above for more than 1 email in the From so that if I get an email to me from either email 1 or email 2 it will not color it RED- apparently outlook can only handle 1 value per field for conditional formatting. Can someone verify?

I have tried
  1. 1 condition statement with 2 filter values (each with 1 From email)
  2. 1 condition statements with 1 filter value with the 2 From emails separated by ; and ,
  3. 1 condition statement with 1 filter value containing =OR (email1, email2)
  4. 2 separate conditional statements with each having just 1 email ( i figured this would surely work but did not
Use the from field on the Message tab and enter the addresses with semicolon separators. You can use full addresses or the domain only.

Thanks for the reply- however- I want the Operand to be not equal to an email address or header
Oh, that is harder because you can't do a doesn't contain a or b rules - if it doesn't contain A, it contains everything else including B, if it doesn't contain B, it contains everything else, including A. Setting a color category using rules would be easier - as rules have an exception.

The query builder can do it with query builder though - - but to get the sender email address, you need to install a custom form from and use the sender email address field from that form. The From field will use the display name (which should work too, as long as the sender uses the same mail client every time.)

If you have the SQL tab in the filter, that should work too, I'm not at a computer with Outlook 2010 right now to get the exact sql to use.

Thank you- WOW- it works. I did notice the AND/OR operand seems backwards (i.e. I had to use AND for an either or logic)
Hmmm... when i tested the rule earlier to get the screenshots, I tried "doesn't contain This AND That" and didn't work. It's working now - i wonder what i screwed up in my test earlier (it could have been anything - I was on my netbook with a tiny screen and tiny keyboard). Query builder does offer more complicated rules.

Outlook should be processing it as "doesn't contain This and doesn't contain that"

I am using the Query Builder- I attached a snapshot. The AND works as an OR in this instance


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That should have worked in the Advanced tab too - not that it matters since it's working - but when you use 2 different fields in a filter, they are AND'd together. Using the same field name twice OR's the lines.
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