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Hi All!

I have a technical question regarding the formatting attributes of a hard copy of an email which is the subect of a dispute.

The email relates to 2005-2006. Elements of the formatting are consistent with Outlook 2003, and others with Outlook Express 6.0.

I appreciate that many other email clients could be responsible for the chain email, including webmail and this may be the case. However the last email, being the final email chronologically in the chain is the particular email of interest and I expect that OE or Outlook is responsible.

I have an old PC that has OE 6.0 and have access to Outlook 2003.

First question: Is it likely that service packs and updates could effect the layout of the printed hard copy (The Outlook 2003 that I have is still run on an XP machine that is on an organisational licence) ? Similarly, has the seperation of the IE engine in OE circa 2007 caused or could cause changes/variation with print layouts?

Second: If anyone has access to these older versions, or other contemporaneous email clients, could you advise they sequence of the From/To/Date/Subejct order.

Third: My OE 6.0 exhibits a roughly 3mm indent of the message header when printed, but the message body is at the normal left margin. I know that other versions of Outlook and similar do not use the indent. If anyone observes this indent on their programs, could you please advise as to the program and version pls?

Thankyou for your help, it is difficult to obtain any firm answers on any of this information short of having access to the relevant email clients, which after only a short 5-6years, many have already become deffunct and obsolete.

I will see if I can generate a sample email to post, but I cannot post an image of the original due to confidentiality.

Thanks again


Diane Poremsky

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No there have been no changes in Outlook that would affect the printout. However, the IE may play a factor as there was a bug where the header did not print. Otherwise, the change from ie's engine is not a factor. The Memo format is indentical in all versions.

The to/from order has not changed in outlook.
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