How do I get rid of odd formatting of new e-mails?

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I have taken over an e-mail account belonging to an employee who has now left, and I am suffering from frustration as a result of the odd formatting that is applied to new e-mails created using her account.

When I click "New E-mail", I get a new e-mail with a sort of cloudy blue and white background pattern. When I start typing at the top of the e-mail, text comes up in a 10-point Arial font in blue. If I move the cursor down a line, and type there, I get a 12-point Times New Roman font in black. There are also strange problems with paragraph spacing and indentations appearing when I don't want them, which I can't even understand myself, let alone explain to you!

We use Cobweb Hosted Exchange 2010, which came with a standalone copy of Outlook 2010. Before that, we used Outlook 2007. We upgraded that to Outlook 2010 when we got the new Hosted Exchange package from Cobweb Solutions.

Online sources suggest (a) that to change the default background and so on, I need to check the "Themes" settings, and (b) that "Themes" are not available with a standalone copy of Outlook 2010. My guess is that the former employee set up a "Theme" when we were using Outlook 2007, and that it was inherited by Outlook 2010 when we upgraded it, and that I can now no longer change the "Theme" because the new Outlook is a standalone copy. But that is just my guess.

So am I stuck with this background and the odd formatting problems, or is there some way of getting rid of them?

Thank you!

Diane Poremsky

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See if this key value is in the registry - delete the NewStationery value if present.


Expandable String: NewStationery

Enter name of stationery as the Value

Or, copy winword.exe to the same folder as outlook.exe - themes should work then. (You can copy any file and rename it winword.exe - yes, outlook is easily fooled.)
Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Thank you, Diane Poremsky!

That entry was in the registry, with value name "NewStationery" and value data "Clear Day".

I have now blanked out the value data and clicked "OK", and have restarted Outlook.

Everything now appears to be fine. :)
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