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I've had three issues with my main mailbox (IMAP account):

- Why are there multiple "This computer only" folders? I don't use them, because I keep contacts, calendars, etc., in another PST file. This IMAP account is the default one, though - if this is related. It's not possible to delete them.
- There are two spam folders: "Junk" and "spam". I presume one is created by Outlook, the other by CPanel. How do I merge those into one? Other accounts, such as iCloud, GMX, Gmail..., don't have this duplication problem.
- The folders being subordinate to Inbox (as seen on the screenshot)... I solved this one in the meantime by putting "Inbox" under "Root folder path" setting.

You should have the pst set as the default data file - then rename the ost file and let outlook create a new one - without all of the extra folders. If any folders synced up the server, you'll need to delete them. It's often faster to delete them in web mail, instead of in outlook. Don't forget to empty the trash folder.

The junk folder is not used (folder icon is the clue) - you should be able to delete it.

I have the same configuration as @Commodore and several times now I have followed your instructions for deleting the OST file, etc. However, Outlook sometimes with create that second calendar file entirely on its own. I don't know if there is a solution here.

Before I do the OST file delete, I back up all Rules and Safe and Blocked Senders, etc. After I create a new OST file, I restore all those items.
The 'this computer only' folders are only created if you set the data file as default....

oh, I wonder if it's the same problem a client had. She didn't want to resync so we used mfcmapi to delete the special folders - and for who knows what reason, Outlook added just the calendar back after a few weeks (assume its because she received a meeting invite) - we ended up removing the account and adding it back and so far, no complaints.

As far as I know, the info about the special folders are only in the ost file, not the profile, so maybe something else is causing it to be recreated... but try removing the account and adding it back - just be sure you have another data file set as default. :)
I followed the instructions on April 11, and everything remained "clean" afterwards. I wasn't aware in the beginning that "default account" and "default data file" are not necessarily the same... (and having two places to edit accounts in Outlook also added to the confusion :) )

Even the junk folder wasn't recreated. Until a while ago, there were always two of them - junk and spam - one was created by Cpanel, I believe, and the other was preferred by Outlook; seems they've finally sorted that out.
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