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I have just had to re-install Window 7 due to a corruption of some kind that nobody could fix. I preserved my pst file so I can still see my contacts and calendar and get all my future email into the same inbox as my old emails. I have (re)installed Outlook 2010 and "Added" my pst file which I made the default. My calendar displays fine. But now I realise Outlook has also created a new pst file into which all new email is going. I'm using IMAP to get emails and so can't set this new pst as my default pst. My questions is, how do I now get my emails to go into my old pst file so all my stuff is in one single pst file as before? Am I obliged to use POP3 to achieve this? Any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
Thanks Diane,
That makes sense.
I'd rather not go to Pop3 as I have other devices that need to see my emails as well.
So I think I'll just accept that I have 2 pst files from now on.
If I'm using IMAP I assume it's less important to have a local copy of all my emails anyway.
But I guess the IMAP pst in fact contains copies of my emails anyway.
Does it?
If you need imap because you use multiple devices, keeping the 2 pst files is the way to go. Once you get used to it, it's not bad, it's just getting used to it that is the problem. Using the Mail pane Favorite folders list helps - you can put the imap folders on it so they are handy - this makes it easier to overlook that extra folder set. You can also set the imap inbox as your start folder (in File, Options, Advanced)

The IMAP account may not have copies of the mail - mail sent from a POP account may not be on the server and any mail you deleted from the server is also gone. If its a google account, then you probably do have dupes, but I'd check for dupes first.
Dianne, thanks again for your fathomless knowledge of Outlook. It turns out to be a complex topic for a humble home-working mail user. I tried IMAP for the last 24 hours but got a succession of confusing behaviours from Outlook. e.g.
“IMAP server closed the connection”
Something about “Synchronising cached folders”
“Send/Receive errors” I think because Outlook put emails into my default pst outbox but they wouldn’t send, possibly because the sole email account is now associated with the auto-created IMAP pst. I can’t make that one the default pst and don’t know what would persuade outlook to use that Outbox instead so was stuck again.

All in all it seems that configuring Outlook for IMAP to suit a simple single user is not at all simple and not what Outlook is expecting (it seems to think I’ll likely have Exchange server if using IMAP).
So now I’ve gone back to POP3 and everything is both working and familiar.
And now if I need to re-install Windows again I can do so without wiping the single pst file now sitting happily on a second (non primary) hard drive where I chose to put it.

That was your initial advice and it was good!
The Send error is more likely because you didn't authenticate with the outgoing server - IMAP in Outlook 2010 and under uses the default pst's Outbox. The IMAP pst can't be set as default because it doesn't support calendar and contacts folders.

But.. it's all about what meets your needs to best - if it's pop3, it's pop3. :)
You're right (of course) I hadn't ticked a box for the outgoing server authentication but it's all working fine again now with POP3 so why change it! Thanks again for your help.
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