Reminders don't pop up and stay hidden in background

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by StefanW, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. StefanW


    I'm at a new workplace with a new PC with Windows 7 and Office 2010 and get into trouble regularily, since meeting reminders simply stay hidden behind all my open documents and never make it to the top to remind me. In older versions they popped up on top, you could hit snooze and they would pop up again until you hit dismiss.

    The new menu structure is really hard to navigate and not as easy as in 2003. I found the options menu but there is no check box to force reminders to really pop up. I see this as a serious bug.
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

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    Yeah, reminders are a big problem. The problem is partly with windows 7 - it doesn't let programs come up on top. There isn't a prefect solution - i'm using reminder manager at which helps. (it can also send reminders by email).
  3. Phil Seeman

    Phil Seeman

    If you want to see your reminders as alerts that appear just above the Windows system tray, I've written a little utility to address this issue - Reminder Alerts. A free beta version is available at Currently supports Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  4. Darth Andy

    Darth Andy

    I posted this before, but no-one appears to have noticed ;-)

    You can use VB to give you an on-top pop-up:

    Code (Text):
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    Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal Item As Object)
       If TypeOf Item Is AppointmentItem Then
       MsgBox "There's a reminder! Click OK to see it", vbSystemModal, "Dude!"
       End If
    End Sub

    You need to put this under 'ThisOutlookSession' and sign it with a digital certificate (plenty of info elsewhere on how to do that)

    I admit it's not an elegant solution, but if you need something to be all up in you face about meetings, then this will do it.
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  5. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

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    Will test this macro - i like that it works only for appointment reminders - flag reminders are less important and for those items i flag instead of creating appointments, i'll just have to create appointments now.
  6. vcadambe


    We developed ShowReminders, an addin for Outlook 2010/2013, that brings the Outlook reminder to the forefront without taking focus away from any application that you are working on. It is available for download at Please check it out and I would love to hear your feedback.

  7. Francis


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    @Darth Andy: Your solution works , but I no longer get the letter icon on top of Outlook to show I have mail.
    (I'm in Outlook 2013 64bits)
  8. Madheshwaran


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    Great, thanks for this simple solution, it served the purpose.

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