Birthday reminders now ending after 10 years??

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Today I discovered that all (?) my birthday reminders are set to end after 10 occurrences. What is Microsoft's assumption? No one lives more than 10 years? After 10 years users will happily find different software to use for managing contacts?

I seem to remember that all recurrences were set to "no end date" , previously. Is this another downside to using to sync calendars across devices, similar to switching reminders from "none" to some other time period as it syncs? (I have had to turn off all calendar notifications on my Windows phone, because I was tired of the constant, pointless reminder notifications.)

Is there any way to change all birthdays, and other yearly recurring reminders, back to "no end date"?
I'll look into it. Do you know if your account is was migrated to the new server?

AFAIK, they didn't change the default, but we do recommend 10 years for things like this then update them as you get closer to the end date. It's possible the new birthday calendars will update the end date as time goes on.
afaik, my account wasn't migrated. Is there a notification or other indication of migration when it happens?

I am reluctant to assume that I will remember to update "end dates" for recurrences 9 years from now. (not to mention the work of doing that.) makes more sense to me to delete them when they are no longer relevant, as I do now.

Until, of course, I miss a number of events and have to figure out why they have disappeared from my calendar.

Is there a way to change them back in bulk? or will revert them?
I'm looking into it to see what might be going on. There are macros that can create b-days from contacts... I don't have any that changes the end date - but it should be easy enough to do.

I'm not sure if will change/update them. The new server offers a separate birthday calendar and that should stay updated, getting birthdates from current contacts - my birthday calendar has no end dates. If outlook creates the b-day, it should be no end date - which mine are here as well.

The easiest way to know if the account was moved is to log into The interface looks different, says outlook mail above the message list, and has a new url (old url is * Migration Status
I just checked . Url is Sign In......, says "" in header over the message list. I guess it hasn't migrated.

I get no mail through outlook mail. I use Calendar for syncing, which I access through Onedrive (same account un/pw).
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