Reminders Window stops being displayed, even with /resetfolders or /cleanreminders

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I'm using Outlook 2013 64 bit on a Windows 10 Pro 64 machine, both Windows and Office are up to date with patches. For the past week or so, often (but not always) when I start Outlook, the Reminders window shows 0 reminders. (Of course, I wish I really had zero reminders.) Starting Outlook with one of those two command-line options, sometimes the Reminders window displays a list, sometimes now. It's very hit-and-miss.

Sometimes, running scanpst repeatedly fixes the problem, but if even if it does for the next start of Outlook, the start after that reverts back to this problem situation. What is happening? What are my options? Has this problem been introduced by Microsoft in a recent patch?

Phil Burton

I can't explain it but /resetfolders seemed to work, sometimes.

I have an IMAP folder, for my email INBOX, but a separate PST for tasks, calendar, etc. I can't confirm it, but it appears that Outlook puts some of the reminders in the IMAP folder. However, I store all my email messages that I keep into folders and subfolders in that PST file, and a lot of the reminders are added on to email messages.

Phil Burton
Reminders on Flagged messages go in the data file where the message is. Is there 'this computer only' folders in the imap data file for calendar & contacts? If so, meetings sent to the imap account go into that calendar.

I deliberately have ONLY email in my Comcast IMAP folder, so I don't have any folders that are THIS COMPUTER ONLY. This arrangement has worked without problems (until now) for well over a year, when I switched Comcast email from POP3 to IMAP.

In the past few days, I could get the Reminders window to display only after doing repeated runs with scanpst. I even have a cmd file set up for that purpose.

Do I need to set up a new profile? I'm hoping not, because so much needs to be reset or recreated.

Phil Burton
You're running scanpst on the pst file? If anything, the pst is correct, not the profile. I would make a new pst and import the old one - if you have rules, export them to a RWS files for adding the new pst and import after you switch pst files.
You're running scanpst on the pst file? If anything, the pst is correct, not the profile. I would make a new pst and import the old one - if you have rules, export them to a RWS files for adding the new pst and import after you switch pst files.

I'm not sure I understand, so please let me clarify.

I don't need to change my Outlook profile. However, I should create a new PST file. Then I should import the old PST file into the new one, then delete the old PST. I also need to make sure that the new PST file is the default for Calendar and Contacts, etc.

I don't have rules but I do have large lists of junk mail sources. I'll have to export those before I go through this process.

I don't have time right now to do this work, but I'll report back after I've completed this work.


Phil Burton
How about rebuilding OST file here? It might help. However, take a back of your current data in PST to be on the safer side.
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