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We are currently using a shared calendar at work to implement everyones vacation time into one standard location. There is the owner of this calendar(the boss) and we are all just reviewers(employees). My boss and I are trying to find a way to allow reminders to pop up on everyones computer(the people involved with the calendar card only) that says so and so is on vacation tomorrow etc. We can't seem to figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
This is not possible unless the appointment is sent to them as a meeting. You could send a email when the reminder comes up on your calendar - Send an email when an Appointment reminder fires - Slipstick Systems

Diane, I have a question that is a variation on this same theme.

I have a small workgroup of people that are geographically spread out (US & Canada). We have a shared calendar so that I can keep track of what projects everyone are or will be working on on the calendar over the coming months.

Can I be notified when a change has been made to the shared calendar? I don't necessarily want to be invited to everything and then have to decline. Just an email that X person changed (or added or deleted) the Y appointment on the Shared Calendar.

I can have them add me to the attendee list for everything so that I get notifications but then that clutters up my own calendar.


Use a list view on the shared calendar, select all, copy. You can't import it (using the import command) because it's not in a data file Outlook will import from.
Hi –

In my office we have a shared calendar under the name "". All appointments are made and shared by #Staff in this calendar. I am trying to turn off the reminders for one user, my boss, in particular. My understanding is that once he is invited [and accepts], it will send him a reminder to his personal Outlook at his computer. I have changed his Outlook settings in Tools>Options to have no default reminder. He is still receiving reminders to his desktop, one of which is 62 weeks old. I have "marked all as read" in this calendar and have logged into to see if there were any reminder settings.

He is still receiving reminders and I need them to stop. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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