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I'm not sure if what I'm attempting to do is possible with Outlook 2007/Exchange 2003 (or at all as we will be upgrading to Exchange 2013 in a few months) but I'll explain it as best I can; any input/advice is appreciated.

I'm attempting to embed a shared calendar for a handful of conference rooms on my company's intranet site and was wondering if it was possible to allow people to schedule directly from the OWA calendar that my link points to. I have the calendar set up and have added it to my Outlook, I can schedule appointments from my calendar (inviting the shared calendar as a resource), and they appear on the OWA page that I've linked to from the Intranet site. This is all well and good as it shows what days/times are available but the company's employees aren't super tech savvy and I know that they will find it difficult to add the shared calendar to their Outlook and have a feeling that they will not remember to invite the calendar as a resource. That being said, is there anyway to setup the shared calendar so that when people click the link and go the OWA page they can add appointments directly by clicking on the day they'd like to schedule for? I've played with the permissions and can't seem to make this happen.

If anyone needs more information just hit me up and I'm happy to provide it.

Thanks ahead of time...
They can direct book the calendar if they have the correct permissions - they need at least author permissions. Direct booking isn't recommended though, although under some circumstances it makes sense. I don't know if you could use a script in the page to open a meeting request with that room set as a resource - if so, it would be better.
I have both default and anonymous permissions set to author however when I click the link that takes me to the calendar there is no option to add an appointment. I can view the calendar all day long, and when I make an appointment and invite that calendar as a resource and refresh the appointment shows up - but no option to click the link and make an appointment directly from the calendar's page. Do I need to add permissions for each individual user account?
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