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I've migrated (migrained was the better word as I am not expert user) my outlook 2010 from my older laptop to new PC - also outlook 2010. Easy transfer wasn't so easy (because username difference). So I did manually...

I copied the outlook pst files (had 4), but this didn't copy my accounts. After trying to find online and 1 try that resulted in registry file corruption (and thus needed to do recovery as my backup registry file didn't copy properly - it seems even as administrator it still leaves out some info).

I'm missing the following info in my new outlook (for as far as I can see, perhaps other things missing ... ???)
- reminders (I had some open reminders that were "long term" and therefore I kept these open to remind me later
- signatures (is not a huge deal, but it does make me wonder - what else may I be missing...)

I already found out that I needed to copy my autocorrect files - done as we speak. Besides a suggestion on how to get my reminders (and possibly signatures) back, is there anything else I should think of ?

Many, many thanks.

Peter C
The reminders should be in the default pst file. If you have multiple pst files, reminders from all psts are included if mail is delivered to the pst file. If not delivering mail to the pst, you can enable it - right click on the top level of the pst (the folder with the name of the pst) and choose properties. Enable the option to show reminders.

Signature files need moved - see for the location on the old computer. Put them in the proper location on the new computer then add them to the accounts in File, Options, Mail, Signatures.
When I right click on the pst folder, then properties, I get pretty much exact same window as yours, except that mine doesn't show the option to enable/disable the reminders. And in my File-Options - Advanced - reminders, the reminders are checked off (meaning allowing reminders). Not sure why I do not have that option in my properties dialogue box.

That said, I do get reminders for new appointments, it is just the older ones that were still open (I didn't dismiss those as I hadn't fully finished that job). I looked at one of them on my older PC to see on the date that started the reminder, and the reminder is "off". It is as if the older reminders somehow seemingly got "dismissed" in the transfer... Any way to correct that ? (it will "only" take me an hour to re-create these by going on my old PC and see which appointments I need to re-activate on my new PC). Not a huge deal, but I am curious and always trying to learn...
Many thanks,
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