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open Outlook with multiple windows.

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by astro46, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. astro46


    Senior Member
    I believe that I asked about this some time ago. ie: if I have Outlook mail and calendar open in separate windows, how do I get them both to open the next time I start Outlook? If I simply close both windows separately only the main Outlook window will open next time.

    I was advised that the way to do this was to close Outlook from File>Exit. I have found a bit simpler way. right click on an Outlook ribbon>'customize the ribbon'>open a ribbon on right side (I had the Home ribbon already open)>click on 'new group'>then 'choose commands'>all commands> find 'Exit" and add it to the new group.

    You can move the new group to wherever on the ribbon you want it. I left it on the top of the list, which will be on the far left side of ribbon.

    Clicking on 'exit' on home ribbon will now close all open Outlook windows, and they will reopen the next time Outlook is started.

    if it matters, I am using win10 with Outlook 2016 installed on my computer.

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