Outlook Task Will not open.

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I use Office 365 Outlook specifically for assigning tasks (version 15.0.4659.1001). My wife who runs on the same system cannot open the task I send to her. The error message reads: " Sorry we are having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary, but if you see it again you might want to restart outlook. Outlook cannot perform this action on this type of attachment."
Additionally you cannot even delete the assigned task.
I have tried re-installing outlook on her Lenovo Laptop but this did not help.
If I send tasks to other users I don't experience the same problems.
Please can you help........
Hi Diane. Thank you so much for responding ! My wife is using one of the 5 licenses given on the Office 365 Home Premium, which means she is on the same version as I am on (version 15.0.4659.1001). Yes the people who can use it successfully are using the same account type. Could it be an error with the permissions ? Regards Gareth
I'm thinking it's getting munged by the email server or antivirus scanner. What antivirus are you using? Does it work in Safe mode? AVG has been know to cause problems like this.
Thank you for the response. We are using AVG. I haven't tried the safe mode start up as yet. Perhaps I should disable AVG on my wife's system and try sending a task to her to see if it will open. What do you think.... ?
Same case, my boss is assigning me tasks but I cant respond due to same issue. please help! did you get it resolved or not?
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