How to display multi-line task in To-Do List - Outlook 2010


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As above, Tasks are shown in a single line by default and makes it very difficult for me to get an overview of ALL my subtasks in Outlook 2010 Task view.

Currently, I'd need to click on each task to see the details (on my right preview pane). If I just want to add sub-tasks as a multi-line in the Task subject, is it possible?

Otherwise, is there an alternative to managing subtasks other than in Details view?

Also, is there an easy way for me to share my Task list with my boss in a customised format?

For instance, I would prefer the table to be email-friendly and have the following headers:
1. Category
2. Task Subject
3. Sub tasks
4. Follow-up action for each sub-task
5. Complete by

How can this be achieved in the easiest way possible?


Diane Poremsky

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You can enable the compact view with preview but it doesn't support multiline subjects and you'll only see 3 lines - you need to use the preview pane or open the message.

If you are using exchange, you can share the folder and as long as the view is set to a view for all users, he should see that view - but he can can it if he wants.