Reminders Display then Disappear

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Jeff Gellman

Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
I'm going bonkers!

When i start OL16 the reminders pop-up appears then promptly (5 seconds by my counting) disappears... I can even move the window around before it poofs!

I have checked the Reminders options under File / Options -- all checked and tried setting off then on again.

I have tried all the Outlook Switch (e.g.: Outlook /xxxxx) recommendations to no avail.

I have checked the Reg Keys and Type is set to 1. Tried removing the position key as well.

I checked to make sure a the key is not being used by Group Policy.

I made sure the Settings/Notifications for Outlook in Win10 are enabled.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
the window disappears or the reminders in it disappears? if you go to View menu and click Reminders Window, does it come up and stay up?

in file, options, advanced - do you have show reminders on top and if so, is it enabled? (It's a new feature.)

ok... you are still on an older build. (Drives me nuts that Microsoft has something like 9 different builds of outlook available - which you get depends on your license and channel.)

does the window come back up if you click the reminders window button on the View menu?
And the hole gets a little deeper...

Good thought! So I clicked the View Reminders button only to see a completely empty (but at least visible) window:


The I shut down Outlook and restarted to confirm that, yes indeed, there was a box full of reminders displayed ... and then it poofs!

You've used the /cleanreminders switch...

does this happen in Safe mode? To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.
I tried the Safe mode startup: it looked as though I never got the reminders popup at all-- though it's possible it appeared and disappeared behind the constant additional requests for a password credentials (even while Outlook was successfully started up with the correct email addresses).

In any case, there was no resulting reminders screen. I then tried to manually force it to appear per your prior instructions (View Reminders button) and again, received the empty display with no reminders, etc.

<you have saved my bacon before, I still have faith....>

Are the reminders in the initial dialog all current and valid?
if you create a new event and set the reminder so it would come up prior to 'now', does the reminder dialog pop up with that reminder?
OK, so I set an event prior to now-- it immediately and properly displayed the reminder. I then set a second prior event and OTHER reminder box (that displays when start Outlook) appeared and disappeared before the reminder box with both new events displayed properly.

One more time I tried restarting Outlook with the /cleanreminders switch-- no love, and now the appear/disappear happens very quickly...such that I cannot read the contents.

In any case, clearly the old reminders are somehow different from the new ones I set.

Two reminder dialogs? Are you using icloud? It triggers two - one for the events in the incloud, one for stuff in Outlook.
Yes! I am using iCloud and have it set up for email syncing. I also manually run Code Two Foldersync (which you and I have discussed previously) fairly often.

I'm not sure if codetwo holds any blame, but one of the reminder dialogs is from icloud.probably the first.
Ka Ching! After reinstalling iCloud for Outlook, I thought I take a look at CodeTwo....


Nice work, Diane (as usual)...

Cool. I wasn't aware of that setting... (I learn from others too. :))
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