Are the underlined letters in Outlook Reminders window supposed to work?

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Jason Stone

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Are the underlined letters in Outlook Reminders window supposed to work? I can use the Alt shortcut keys (i.e. Alt-o, Alt-s, etc.) on the Ribbon in the main Outlook window, but when the Reminders Window pops up shouldn't I be able to use Alt-s to Snooze? Am I doing something wrong, or is there a setting that must change/enable? I have attached a screenshot of what I'm referring to. (If this isn't the correct place to post this, I apologize in advance - I couldn't find anything else that matched my question.)

Alt+ letter should work... Alt+D worked here to dismiss the selected reminder (which was my only reminder at the time). The main thing is you need to have the dialog in focus and the item selected for Dismiss or snooze.

With the reminder selected -


Alt+C highlights the snooze menu - use arrow keys to select the time or type it in. (Need to type out minutes, hours or days in full - same as they appear in the dropdown. )
Ahh! Okay. I had the dialog box in focus, but I had not selected the actual item. When I selected an item, the Alt key shortcuts worked as expected. Thank you! Not sure how I didn't figure that out on my own, but somehow it escaped me. And I had totally missed the option to use Alt+C to highlight the snooze menu to be able to use the cursor keys to select the snooze time span. So, thank you for pointing that out because that is very helpful too.
Apparently I was wrong on the need to type of minutes or hours in the snooze field - I know there is one field that does not accept time and date shortcuts and thought it was snooze. Maybe it is the inital reminder....

"Although your choices are limited, shortcuts will also work in the snooze field – just type a number for the number of minutes, or add a d if you want to snooze it for days."
Oh, okay, that's brilliant! Thank you for pointing that out, Diane. I use the date picker all day long, so having the option to enter the date using natural language instead will be very helpful.
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