Shared Mailbox with mail item marked as "private"

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server 2010
We have a shared mailbox that I've given 4 users full access to. These people in turn have added it to their outlook so their outlook not only sees their personal email, but also emails sent to this mailbox.

The problem we are having is that emails sent marked as "private" go to the mailbox, but do not get downloaded to the individuals outlook. They can log into OWA to see the emails, but that is not a viable solution as they would not normally go looking for emails. They would expect them to be delivered to their outlook and deal with them there. They only looked as OWA because they couldn't find emails that people had called and told them they sent.

My obvious thought is that this is by design. The private is preventing the sharing of the emails. Having said that, whether by design or in error, is there a way around it?

I appreciate any suggestions.
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