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I am using Outlook 2007 (don’t laugh!).

I am trying to process items in a search folder for a shared mailbox.

I am trying to use the following line, which works well for my primary mailbox:

This line does not work for the shared mailbox, however.

In searching online, I have found the following site:

The suggestion in that thread is that the only way to get the items is via Extended MAPI (C++ or Delphi) or Redemption (which wraps Extended MAPI).

In the following thread, the suggestion is that AdvancedSearch doesn’t work for searching subfolders in shared mailboxes, and that “you'd need to get the shared Inbox and recursively get each subfolder and then run a search or a filter operation on the Folder.Items collection, or use GetTable() with a filter”:

Question: Can someone please point me in the right direction for getting the items in the search folder (Redemption if not an option)? I’m happy to figure out the details on my own, but am just after a pointer in the right direction. Can I write a small function in C++, and then reference that using VBA? Or following the second article, how would I process items in folders recursively (does anyone have an example I can learn from) and/or use GetTable()?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


AdvancedSearch doesn’t work for searching subfolders in shared mailboxes,

Correct. Only accounts in your profile can search subfolders (or properly group conversations when messages are in other folders) - shared mailboxes are searched one folder at a time, as are public folders. If the mailbox is in online (not cached) exchange handles the search and it might work.

Here is a readable version of the second link -

This link - - says it works if you are in the folders module. I haven't verified it and i don't know if that would make a difference when using VBA to search.
Thanks Dianne.

I am confused though, because with the search folders I have, I am able to filter across subfolders. See below, where the 'Matter' column is a relabelled 'In Folder' column:


I am in Online mode, though, and not cached mode.

So I guess I am back to the idea that this can be done via a script, as it can be done via the GUI in the screenshot above, but to do so requires use of Extended MAPI (C++ or Delphi) or Redemption... or otherwise individually recursing through all subfolders, getting all items, and going from there. Boo.

If anyone would be able to point me in the direction of sample scripts for recursing subfolders individually and getting all items, this would be much appreciated.


Yes, online makes a difference - you can search across shared mailbox folders if using online mode. I'd use redemption - it makes accessing ExMAPI much easier - and Dmitry might have some samples online that can point you in the right direction.
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