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Prior to installing the last Office update, I am certain that the order of Recent Items that came up when pressing the Attach File button was chronological with the most recent item on top. This made perfect sense as I routinely wanted to attach the file I was just working on to an email. For some reason, that list now shows up in reverse alphabetical order. I want to change it back to chronological order. How do I do that?

It should be newest on top, automatically. AFAIK, you can't control it - you can delete the shortcuts.

type Shell:recent in the address bar of file explorer to open one folder where the shortcuts are. The list at C:\Users\%username%\Recent should be the same list. The is another set of shortcuts - i haven't taken the time to find them, but i think their position is controlled by the registry.
Well as I said it used to be newest on top until the last Office update. It clearly is not that now and I would love to figure out how to get it back to that. The list at C:\Users\%username%\Recent does seem to include the Recent File listed in Outlook (but also has other files) but even if I sort that list by newest on top it still show up as reverse alphabetical in the Recent Files list. Any additional insight?
Maybe this will help. I deleted all the shortcuts from the C:\Users\%username%\Recent folder, but files are still showing up in the Recent File list in Outlook. Not sure the source of these, but they do not seem to be in alphabetical order. These seem to be files I worked on last week, but I can't tell if they are in any kind of newest first order. Gonna try a re-boot and see what happens.
Looks like that did the trick. Files are now listed in chronological order in the Attach File|Recent Items list in Outlook, although neither the files that come up in Shell:recent or in the C:\Users\%username%\Recent folder contain all of the files in the Attach File|Recent Items list in Outlook. Thus, I assume that list in Outlook is populated, at least in part, from somewhere else.
Yeah, there is another list somewhere- i need to find it.
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