Change First/Last Order of Contact Names (O 2016)

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I feel like this should be really easy to figure out or find with a search, but I'm not having any luck. In Outlook 2016 People list views there is a "full name" column. It displays as first/last, but it also includes title. So every darn name shows up with a Mr. or Ms. making it worthless to sort on.

There is also the File As column. That is set to last/first. I know how to set it to first/last, but that only seems to affect newly created contacts. So questions:

1. Any way to stop the full name column from displaying title?

2. Any way to change File As so that ALL names change to first/last? Not just future contacts I add.

3. File>Options>People>Default Full Name Order - what does this do? I can't even see any behavior affected by it.

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