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Hi Diane,

I have an odd problem I cannot resolve. In one of my email accounts with, I only have the last email showing for the last three weeks (then everything after that. Every time a new email comes in and it's opened, the previous one disappears, so I am still only showing one email for today and then everything before three weeks ago.

I have:
1. Refreshed and cleared all filters (there were none obvious)
2. Opened in outlook /cleanview, Deleted account and recreated it. The last three weeks of emails appeared initially then when I moved from the account and back again the last three weeks, all but the very latest email disappeared.
3. Followed 2 a second time and renamed all the old email accounts with the same name as old instead of ost. Same problem when recreating the account.

Running outlook 2013 on Windows 7 pro 64 bit. All other accounts are fine.


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I should add, that on all other devices (iPad, iPhone and Macbook) the account is showing emails normally. Also it does not matter if they have been read or not, it only shows the most recent email in the inbox for the last 3 weeks. So one for "today" and nothing for "Yesterday", "Wednesday", Tuesday" etc. "last week" etc. Only "Date: Today" + one email and Date: Three Weeks Ago" - and all previous emails. The section headings are also not showing.

Diane Poremsky

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BTW, go to File, Account settings and double click on the affected account - check the sync slider to see how much mail you are downloading. This wouldn't cause yesterday's mail to disappear but would limit the amount of older mail that is kept offline.
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