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Hi All:

I am looking for some help with VBA and Outlook tasks (Outlook 2010 and 2013) and figured this is the best place to start ;)

I have a number of Tasks in Outlook, all labeled with a numerical hierarchy:
e.g. Task 1.0 is a Parent
Task 1.1 is a Child of 1.0
Task 1.2 is a Child of 1.0

What I would love to do in Outlook is have a macro that could insert a table of all of the "children" tasks into the body/details of a Parent.

So if I was on Task 1.0, I could run a macro that would insert a table with:

  • Child Task Name/hyperlink
  • Child Task Due Date
  • Child Task Progress
This way, I could just keep the parent tasks open for a quick snapshot of how the children are doing.

Is there a way to use VBA to:
  1. Insert a table in task
  2. Search for tasks with like naming (e.g., if I am on Task 1.0, search for all tasks that begin with 1.x)
  3. Insert all such tasks into the table
Any help you could provide would be much appreciated!


Thanks Diane! A table is not necessary...the list is really the key.
Hi Diane:

Seeing if you have had any time to dig into this item to see if it was doable (at least getting a list of all related tasks inserted into a "parent"). Having trouble on this end finding a way to get the list.

Thanks again!

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