All e mails seem to be getting blocked

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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a few days ago, i stopped getting emails that were being fetched by outlook 2010. Then i added another acct and they're all getting blocked. funny thing is that i'll be working and see the flag for a new e mail show up in the lower right hand corner for a second and then dissapear (the way outlook 2010 does) but when i go to my in box it's gone

it's like a virus got in and changed some setting so that all e mails are now blocked from landing in my inbox. when one comes in i hear the typical chime, but it never shows up in my inbox

any help?


Go to Search Folders and open the Unread Search folder. It may take a few mniutes, but when its done, do you see the missing mail? If so, click on the row of field names above the message list and choose Folders. This will let you see what folder they are in.

Also, check the Junk mail folder and Deleted items.
nothing in unread e mails, junk mail or deleted items.

seems like a virus changed a setting so that all e mails are now blocked from outlook

i don't think its a virus... but make sure your antivirus is updated and running. :)

Did you make any changes or install any updates right before it started?

Do you have a restore point from before it quit working correctly that you could roll back to?
haven't got a restore point set and the only change i made was to load a bunch of photos to a folder and enable a screen saver, which has subsequently been turned off.
Go to File, Account Settings. Select the account and look at the folder path at the bottom of the dialog, near the change folder button. Is that folder path in the same pst file that is listed on the Data files file.

Before closing the dialog, click the change folders button and select your inbox again.

now we're on to something.

i found all of the missing e mails under an archive folder!

there are two e mail accts that i'm trying to access via outlook, each had it's own folder under archive folders.

how exactly do i get these e mails to come to my inbox without having to scroll down to find the archive folder?

thanks SOOO much

New mail: set each account to deliver to the inbox in the Account settings, change folder dialog.

Old mail: open the folder, select all and use move to folder command or drag and drop it to the folder you want it in.

Alternate plan: right click on the folder where the mail is now and choose Add to Favorites. This will make the folder easy to access without moving the mail.
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