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Good Morning,
I'm new in the forum and I need your help.

Actually, I set my GMAIL account on Outlook but I didn't modify the folder path where the Gmail emails will be imported; so I have now booth mails from my professional mail account and the new ones from my personal Gmail in the same INBOX folder!!

is't possible to delete the imported mails only from this inbox folder and later I will restart by new and make a new Inbox folder for my personal emails?

Thank you
Switch to the List view (View, Change Views). Right click on the row of field names and choose Field Chooser. Click Frequently used field and choose All Mail. Find Email Accounts in the field list and drag to the row of field names. sort by it and delete the ones under gmail account, or more them to a new folder.

In File, Account Settings, select the gmail account and click Change folder. Add a pst to the profile for the account and create an Inbox folder in it, or choose a different folder in the mailbox.
Dear Diane,
Thank you for the reply but unfortunately, there is no All Mails under Frequently used fields!
Available only:
- auto forwarded,
- CC
- contact
- created
- do not auto archive
- due date
- flag completed date
- follow up flag
- IMAP status
- message
- originatory delivery requested
- read
- received representing name
- recipient name
- RSS feed
- sensitivity
- sent
- start date
- task subject
- to

I'm using outlook 2013.
please advice.
Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately, this is what I done but there is no ALL Mails Fields inside!
Please see the pictures.
field chooser 1.png
field chooser 2.png

click on the phrase 'frequently used fields' to expand the menu where all mail fields is.
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