Macro to remove inside organization distribution list email address when reply to all recepients

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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
We want to remove a distribution list email address (inside organisation address) from the cc list when using reply all macro.

Assume there are 2 accounts within the organisation - account A, account B.
We have a distribution list that forwards emails from external senders to account A
- this account A auto forwards that email to account B
- same time account A also auto replies to the external sender.
Some times account B user uses a reply all macro.
The reply all macro when used for emails from distribution list (auto forwarded by account A), problem arises.
Account A auto forwards as well as auto replies to account B.
So account B receives his/her own email as well as autoreply template response from account A.
We are looking for a solution to resolve this.
We want to rewrite the macro to check the reply all recipients list and remove the distribution list/account A from the CC.
Please help.
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