1. G

    Forward email body to other mail list directly from Exchange server

    We have an email account that nobody checks the mailbox from outlook, but we want to forward all only body of emails (without header and sender address) to another mail list directly from the exchange server automatically. I know that it is possible from outlook with running a script but I...
  2. D

    auto forward base on email address in body email

    Hello All, Kindly sorry if my English very bad, I'm from Indonesian and i want ask about auto forward with some rules. Example: 1. I get email from Microsoft alert ( with body email like this: "Severity: High Activity: FileDeleted User: This...
  3. Healy Consultants

    Macro to remove inside organization distribution list email address when reply to all recepients

    Problem: We want to remove a distribution list email address (inside organisation address) from the cc list when using reply all macro. Background: Assume there are 2 accounts within the organisation - account A, account B. We have a distribution list that forwards emails from external senders...
  4. P

    AutoForward Randomly Doesn't fwd emails

    Using Outlook 2007 on POP3 setup (I'm not any more technical than this). Have Auto Forward rule established and random emails do not get auto forwarded. emailA from Sally to Tommy - arrived 5:23 and auto-forwarded at 5:23 (worked as desired) emailB from Pat to Tommy - arrived 5:33 and DID NOT...