AutoForward Randomly Doesn't fwd emails

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Using Outlook 2007 on POP3 setup (I'm not any more technical than this). Have Auto Forward rule established and random emails do not get auto forwarded.

emailA from Sally to Tommy - arrived 5:23 and auto-forwarded at 5:23 (worked as desired)
emailB from Pat to Tommy - arrived 5:33 and DID NOT AUTO FORWARD - (Tommy replied to Pat at 6:19)
(Tommy left work at that time and stopped checking his emails)
emailC from same Pat to same Tommy - arrived at 6:32 and auto-forwarded at 6:38 (worked as desired)

No attachments were included with any of these emails. Could it have something to do with the timing of the auto-forwarding? And if Tommy responds or opens an email before the Rule fires off, then the Rule doesn't work?

What things can I look for to try to understand why the Rule randomly works? Thanks!
Any suggestions for what I can look for to figure out why the rule works on some and not others? Could it possibly be due to the recipient name being in 'Quotes' or being highlighted (meaning the sender is in the recipient's email prior contacts list)?
Rules should work as the message hits in the inbox - in the case of server side rules, immediately; client side after it syncs down. (Exchange accounts should sync within a few seconds seconds.)

How to the rules read? do they trigger on the message if you use run rules now?
oh... you are using IMAP? Rules can be fussy - they don't trigger until the full message is downloaded. Outlook 2013 should sync full messages down - don't set it to sync more often than every 5 minutes. And if you have two rules that might apply to the message, put this one first and remove stop processing from the rule.

Also - if a lot of mail arrives at once, rules can stall. This affects all account types.
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