Google Apps Mail *SENT* from iPhone doesn't download to Outlook via POP3

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Hi All,
I had my 4 years old iPhone 4S in which I was using my Free Google Apps Email via the OLD exchange Method (yes pat me for using it till all this time). Any mail sent via iPhone would also download to Desktop Outlook's Inbox via POP3 and I'd just move it to my sent folder
I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6S and configured my account as the given option "Google". Everything is fine except that any mail sent from my iphone doesn't get downloaded to Outlook via POP3. Any mail sent via Webmail does get downloaded to Outlook, just the mails sent from iPhone are not downloaded
I presume somehow iPhone's sent mail is marked read in the webmail and is not considered to be downloaded via POP3. Can you help me fix this please.
This same thread is also posted on Google forums but couldn't get any productive answer.

Diane Poremsky

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it sounds like the phone is tagging it sent and archiving it, so its not in the inbox for outlook to download. Oh, i wonder if the phone lets you pick the sent folder... yes, it does. go to settings, mail calendar, contacts, select the account, then account name, advanced.

this wouldn't be a problem with imap accounts as you'd sync the sent folder too. :)
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