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Hi, first post. Can't google this one.

I have a client who operates in the cloud on a terminal server, they have hosted exchange and are using MSO 2010. The issue affects all four users.

The problem is straight forward but a little difficult to describe. Basically, and this only happens on occasion, a user may be involved in composing multiple emails at the same time. When the user hits send, the send does occur but the message window doesn't disappear. Or I should say, it disappears from the screen but the taskbar will still show the same amount of Outlook items. Try googling that!

I've tried a repair on MSO but issue still persists. Anyone ever seen this before?
It's actually a fairly common problem so its on google (or Bing) somewhere - figuring out the right keywords to use is the problem.

does it happen if you start outlook in Safe mode? That would tell us if an addin is affecting it.

Does it happen only after outlook has been running for hours? This would indicate resource issues. Closing outlook and restarting it should fix it.
Yes, closing Outlook and relaunching does fix it, for a little while at least. I'm having one of the users run Outlook with one her add-ins inactive. We've had problems in the past with this add-in, I'll repost when I have more info.

Thank you Diane,

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