too many choices for time zones! can i reduce to actual time zones only?

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i regularly need to schedule events in pacific and eastern time. i'm generally happy with the outlook calendar feature that allows me to set the time zone for an event (and especially happy when it allows me to set separate start and finish time zones, for transcon flights).

but is there a way to get rid of all the excess time zones? for example, i counted *six* different entries for UTC-5 (US eastern time). i get that there are places with weird daylight saving rules, but honestly, i will never need to know what time it is in haiti, bogota, saskatchewan, easter island, etc.

time zones is one place where i could really use a condensed "favorites" menu. alternatively, i'd love to just delete these other time zones. can either be done?
Well, you could delete time zone entries from windows. I don't *think* it will do any harm (I've edited names in the past without issue) but windows updates may restore them.

If you use a limited # of zones, it would be better to use macros to set the zones - create buttons on the appointment ribbon for the EasternTZ and CentralTZ macros. This sample will set the appt to ET or CT. Duplicate the EasternTZ macro, change the name and the time zone for each zone you use frequently. Zone names MS uses is here - Microsoft Time Zone Index Values

Dim tzStart As TimeZone

Sub EasternTZ()
' Repeat this macro, using new names
' for each zone you use frequently
Set tzStart = Application.TimeZones.Item("Eastern Standard Time")
End Sub

Sub CentralTZ()
Set tzStart = Application.TimeZones.Item("Central Standard Time")
End Sub

Private Sub changeTZ()
Set olAppt = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
With olAppt
     .StartTimeZone = tzStart
End With
End Sub
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