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I have Win 7 32 bit with Outlook 2007. I have two email accounts, Gmail and (formerly Hotmail). Both accounts download into a common Inbox located under "Personal Folders". I also have many other sub folders for keeping emails organized. I also have Win 8 Pro and Outlook 2013 (Office 365 preview). On Outlook 2013 each account shows up separately with it's own set of folders (Inboxes and such). When I imported my "Personal" folders from Outlook 2007 I now have a third set of folders! Is the only way to merge the Inboxes by creating a rule? And can I hide the Gmail and Outlook account folders once merged and just keep my Personal Folders? I also have the problem of having 3 Contacts Folders (under People), one labeled Contacts (myname@, another named Contacts (This computer only), and I also imported my contacts from my outlook 2007 setup. Now I have 3 Contact folders. Only the one from 2007 is complete and what I want to keep. How can I merge into one set of contacts? I'm in need of much guidance :confused:. Thanks!... Rich W.
it sounds like the old system was set up as pop 3 accounts and outlook 2013 is using imap and EAS for the accounts.

Contacts (This computer only) is probably in the gmail account.

Do you want to use POP3? If so, go into File, Account Settings and add the accounts manually and remove the two Outlook set up.
Thanks for responding Diane :). As a result of your response, I sort of educated myself on POP3 vs. IMAP vs. EAS and decided to go with EAS. I am now going to try forwarding my Gmail email from Google's server to my account , delete the Gmail account from Outlook 2013. This way I can have my Email and Contacts synced with my windows phone. Now I would like to know how to get my "Personal Folders - Contacts" which I imported from Outlook 2007 into Outlook 2013, into my (People) contacts and keep them categorized as they are in Outlook 2013. Do I re-import them and choose the "Contacts (" folder? Thanks again. Oh, and I'll have more questions regarding the way "Rules" work in Outlook 2013. Seems different than Outlook 2007?
You can't import into EAS accounts. You need to copy them from a pst file to the contacts. Open the personal folder the contacts are in, select all, drag to the contacts folder. It will be easier to use any view besides the new People view.

Rules should work exactly the same way as in 2007. What seems different?
You can't import into EAS accounts. You need to copy them from a pst file to the contacts. Open the personal folder the contacts are in, select all, drag to the contacts folder. It will be easier to use any view besides the new People view.

Rules should work exactly the same way as in 2007. What seems different?

Thanks. I think I'm getting it. I've set up rules to move emails from various merchants to a "Merchants" folder so they don't clog my Inbox. In 2007 this worked flawlessly. Now in 2013 only some transfer and it is not consistent. When I go to "Run Rules now...", I'm presented with a dialog box listing all rules, then another box to choose which rule or all to run, and finally a button to run the rule. This transfers the emails as intended. But to go through all that is nuts, besides it is much easier just to drag and drop if I want to do manual transfers (I don't). It was all automatic in 2007.
It may be something with the EAS account that keeps the rules from working well. They *should* work the same as before.

Are you running all rules or just some? You can use VBA to run the rules. Code to run all is at :: OL2007: Run all rules against inbox - it needs tweaked to run some rules. If you have multiple accounts, it will need tweaked for that too.
Are you only moving messages to a folder and are all of the rules using the same condition - i.e., if from > move to ? you could use VBA instead of running the rules. Depending on how many rules and the conditions you use, the VBA could get complicated though.
I have not used VBA since I retired, but could probably hack my way through :rolleyes:. I am going to try to exactly copy the rules as they are in Outlook 2007. I noticed some checked boxes in 2013 like "Sent only to me" and a few with "Through this account" or similar that I don't remember being checked previously. I'll post if the problem persists after that. Back on the Contact subject...I moved all my contacts from my "Personal Folders" to the EAS contact folder without incident. The categories need to be cleaned up, but they all moved successfully. However, I cannot delete the empty contact folder. The right click folder delete option is grayed out. Any idea? Thanks for all your help by the way, it is much appreciated. I will be out of town the rest of the week so won't be posting until I return.
The folder issue is likely because the pst it's in is set as default. I have some sample code on my work computer - kicking off one rule is one line of code. if you have several rules, you need a line per rule.
Ok. I'm going to let the rules issue slide for problem at a time :rolleyes:. I still cannot delete my now empty 'Contacts - Personal Folders' folder from People page (grayed out) and for the record the other 'Contacts -' folders delete option is also grayed out. Can't find where you set/change the default values. The 'Contacts - Personal Folders' is empty and won't be used but I like things as simple, neat and tidy as I can get them ;)
Next up is getting my Personal folders which were imported from Outlook 2007 (.pst) merged or moved to the account which if I understand correctly, uses an .ost file. It won't let me move or copy them there. Any help there would be appreciated.
You can move contacts and appointments from a pst into the EAS folders. You can't do this with mail though - eas doesn't support uploading mail at this time.

You cant delete default folders - so so the folder has to stay. If you want to delete the other one, you will need to use MFCMAPI. Oh, first you'll need to set the data file as your default. Instructions to use mfcmapi are at How to Hide or Delete Outlook's Default Folders - Slipstick Systems. You could also create a new pst and move stuff from the old pst to the new one then remove the old one from the profile.
Thanks Diane...I'll try to get to it after the holidays. Best Holiday Season to you:)
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