Outlook 2016 Too Many Archives


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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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In my Documents Folder, there is a 25 mb Archive file (.pst). Using the Open and Export command under the Outlook /File menu, I find the file, but when I click it I can’t open it. How can I make the main archive usable and send chosen documents to that archive? Seems conceptually simple, but I guess I’m simple too.
Looking at my data files, I see that my Outlook.com account is the default data file. When I try to make my Hawaii.rr.com data file the default a message says that it must be a .pst file.
I have Archive headers in the Outlook sidebar for both my Hawaii.rr.com and for outlook.com. Both of those headers have only a few items under them.
I’m using Outlook for Office 365 with Windows 10. I keep Office.com available because it seems to sync better with Outlook on my iPhone7.
If needed, I’d be glad to arrange an online session. You have always been extremely helpful.