Too many scripts?


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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I'm an utter newbie, so please excuse if it really shows.

I'm on Outlook 2016 enterprise version at work and want to run some VBA scripts. There are three. One is to bcc me on all emails I send, the second is to bring up a warning box if I hit Reply All, the third is to move focus to Outlook if I'm in another window and get a Calendar meeting reminder (our current Outlook version doesn't have the option to do that; our IT people told me it may get fixed in a future update, but that could take a year!).

Each script works fine if I put it in This Outlook Session and run it by itself, but if I put all three in, the Reply All warning box stops coming up (the other two scripts work).

I've attached each separate script and how they appear together in my This Outlook Session.

Both specific answers to my issue and any general helpful tips would be most highly appreciated.