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I am trying to do something very basic which is to make a date field mandatory in an outlook form. For some reason, I don't know , the checkbox to make a field mandatory is always grayed out for date fields.

Does anyone know why this checkbox is always greyed out?

Since the checkbox is always grayed out, I have tried several formulas:

1. [DueDate] <> "" : This does not work at all. It allows a user to send a form whether the date field is filled or not
2. [DueDate] = "" : This one causes the validation message to be displayed whether a person enters a date or not
3. \[DueDate\] "" : This one also causes the validation message to be displayed whether a person enters a date or not
Also for some reason, Outlook automatically adds quotation marks to the formula so it becomes "\[DueDate\] """

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to validate a date field to prevent users from leaving it blank?

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