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how do I filter 10 years data - of a single date say -Jan 1 - I wish to see all activities recorded on Jan 1 - of 2010 ,2011 ,2012 and so on .. - I need to see them on the screen
of 10 years together
You can use instant search or a filter and list each year - i haven't gotten it to work using just the day of the week yet.
Instant Search:
(start:1/1/2020 OR start:1/1/2019) isrecurring:no

Dear Ms Diane , Remember I wish to see past 10 years data recorded of 1st Jan - in the calendar format, i.e 10 years means - I should see 10 square blocks on-screen showing Jan 1 -2010, next to it it must display Jan 1 -2011 - and so on for 10 years, and in one glance I must see 10 years, Jan 1 recordings of data of appointments, and other activity I have recorded also - if I ( double click ) expand the data of a particular date/year, I should see all activities, suppose I recorded in 2010 I visited the Vatican, and 2011 visited a church in spain , and so on .. , This will enable me to see on one screen past 10 years church visits - year-country wise ...
Outlook can't display that format at least not using a filter. It can only do list views. It can do 10 days in day view, if you select each date and hold Ctrl as you click days in the little calendar. But it's not programmable and would be difficult to do manually for that period of time.

A list view will give you the same information, just not formatted as pretty.
Dear Ms. Diane , In filter, we cannot see the total activity of the day ( Jan-1 2010), we can see only one appointment, - I need to see 10 years / Jan 1 - all on one screen like the calendar format - see attachment I have made in word format -


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Yeah, a view like that is not possible in Outlook.

This is the best outlook can do:


if you need to see notes field, you can turn on 3-line preview. The middle one shows the max amount of text it can display - which is 255 characters,
If I create a user-defined column in Outlook 2016, I cannot search from multiple folders or pst files, Any method to search a word ( say Print ) from many pst files from the user-defined columns ?
Dear Ms. Diane , In filter, we cannot see the total activity of the day ( Jan-1 2010), we can see only one appointment, - I need to see 10 years / Jan 1 - all on one screen like the calendar format - see attachment I have made in word format -

Good tip - I have started inserting heading on as " JAN-1-2020 " and same is done for 10 years i.e JAN-1-2021, next for JAN-1-2022 and so on, this enables me to search all JAN-1 of all years and see any year, Also your CNTRL with years date shows me the 10 years line up next to each other, Thanks a Lot Diane
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