Ye Olde 'Single Quote Marks' Issue

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There are various threads on this issue on the web, mostly older, although I don't think I've ever seen a resolution or a true explanation. Any input would be appreciated. The issue comes up in a variety of contexts, but here's one that I find particularly annoying and inexplicable ...


- A contact is in Outlook 2010 Contacts. E.g., John Doe. Email address: "Display as": John Doe.

- Create a new email, type John Doe in the "To" field.

- Outlook autocompletes the "To" field as John Doe (underlined, indicating that Outlook has his email address).

- Send the email.

- John Doe then sends a reply. When it arrives in the Inbox, the "From" field for his email shows John Doe. So far so good.

- Click reply on John Doe's message to send him a further response. Now, inexplicably, the "To" box doesn't show John Doe, but instead it shows the following (including the single quote marks):


- And when this email has been sent, it will be listed in the Sent folder under '' , rather than John Doe.

Another variation on this same issue is that sometimes Outlook will enclose a name, or the name and the email address, in single quotes.

Even MS's own Outlook Express never had these counterproductive quirks!

Any thoughts? Or am I just beating a long-dead horse?

Many thanks.
You're beating a dead horse that ain't going anywhere. :)

I'm surprised that Outlook had just the email address in the autocomplete - it usually uses Name (address) format in the autocomplete when it replies to mail. But yeah, Outlook doesn't seem to have a rhyme or reason in how it adds names to the list. Unfortunately, there isn't do about it - there is no setting that controls it.
Thanks Diane. Do you happen to know whether Windows Live Mail exhibits the same behavior?
No, sorry, I don't. I would assume it doesn't - it seems to be a problem for ExtendedMAPI code, and only outlook uses that.
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