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I've been browsing this site and others for a while now so I think I know the answer. However I need to confirm this.

I have a recurring meeting, where each occurrence has a different description.

The invited participant should receive ONLY ONE email, invite or whatever, where by only clicking once or twice the entire list of events gets imported into the calendar.

Importing an .ics file is no option, 'cause it requires to many actions from the user. Opening will 'cause it to create a new calendar. And creating a new recurring item, editing the items and then sending the invite will work, however the recipient will receive one main email plus one for every event.

In this last option, accepting one request, will add them all to the calendar, which seems like the best option. Though I would prefer if the same thing could be accomplished with only one email/request.

So if any could tell if these are all my option, I'll just have to find a way to work with it. Thought should anyone have suggestions that might help me in enabling my task, even it would require customizing .ics outside of Outlook, it would be much appreciated.


Does not need to be recurring. Just any list of multiple events that can easily and quickly be imported into Outlook.
>> creating a new recurring item, editing the items and then sending the invite will work, however the recipient will receive one main email plus one for every event.

When you do this you create exceptions, and they get one for each exception. Unfortunately, there isn't a good solution when you want or need exceptions.

Do you need a different description in each? Put all the descriptions in a table in the Notes field. Put the descriptions on a website or in a onenote notebook (in OneDrive), and include a link. These last two will allow you to keep a master list and update the main page before each meeting - it's a little more work on your part but could have other benefits.
Thank you for responding so swiftly. Could you elaborate on this. The term "Notes field" sounds unfamiliar. Or is that the description/body/information field? Also going to require a bit more guidance on the other steps. I'm no Outlook expert, just a simple programmer trying to bend it to my will =)
Notes field: the big white box where you type something. :) AKA description, body, information.

Are you doing this programmatically?
I am working on a VSTO project where if you create, edit or delete a meeting in Outlook, it does the same in a online meeting service. Each meeting in Outlook should contain a hyperlink to the online meeting.

When working on one meeting at a time, this is not a problem. However the online service does not support recurring meetings. So when on is made in Outlook (range limited to a year), I create the required amount of meetings online, but then comes the tricky part, every item in Outlook needs that unique url.

Because I'm doing this programmatically I had hoped I could shape an .ics in such a fashion that Outlook would accept it. But from what I understand, if I don't want the recipients to have any extra work, it cannot be done in Outlook alone and I'll need to reference an external list?
I think the tricky part is generating the individual events. :) Unless you need unique urls....

When you generate the individual events, add
.Body = url
to the code.
I have discussed the solution with the higher-ups and they want to hold off on this for now. When it comes down to recurring meetings, there are some more variables involved in part of the system that I am not working on. So no recurrence for now.

Despite that, I still thank you for your input. I wouldn't be surprised if I would some other use for it.
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