Sharepoint tasks from multiple accounts in To-Do List

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
  • I have several Office 365 accounts (different organizations / different domains) in Outlook 2016 (32bit).
  • Within each account I 'm member of several Groups 365 with their coresponding Sharepoint sites and with Task apps added.
I connected Sharepoint Tasks belonging to each account and each Sharepoint site to the Outlook. Tasks from each Sharepoint (accross all accounts) are synced correctly.
Unfortunately in To-Do List I can see only Sharepoint tasks from one account (tasks from several Sharepoints but only within one account).

Could you advice me on how can I see all tasks from all Sharepoints accross all accounts?

All my files are *.ost just SharePoint Lists is *pst. None of the Data File Properties contains the checkbox for task reminders.
I tried a new Profile and find out that only the first assigned account in the Profile shows the SharePoint tasks in To-Do List.
Thanks for your help.
Maybe I found the cause. My User Name is not identical accross my accounts. To-Do List folder is searching for SharePoint tasks assigned to me only. Task field "Assignet To" contains the User Name. Could be this the cause? However a cannot change the User Names in those organizations.
Have you any advice how to sort it out?
Thanks in advance
Can you change the folder filter to add the username(s) too?
Dear Diane, I do not understand your idea. Could you expain it a little bit more?
This: Show Only Tasks in the To-Do List but for a different field. Unfortunately, i don't have sharepoint tasks linked, so i cant check the fields available. (I'll see if i still have an sharepoint task library to test with.)
There is nothing to filter since the SharePoint tasks from particular accouts are missing in To-Do List even without any filters on. Appearance of SharePoint tasks is the same as ordinary tasks - identical icon, the same Message Class.
To-Do List is search folder seeking all task folters and flagged e-mails from all accouts. The filter has to eliminate somehow tasks which are not assign to me (SharePoint tasks are synced as a full list of tasks regardless of assignee). However "Assignet to me" should be evaluated in context of each accout since domains / user names are different for each account.
It would be realy useful to know what are search criteria or algorithm for To-Do List and whether is feasible to affect it and how. I tried MFCMAPI / To-Do Search / PR_SEARCH_KEY or so but I do not have a knowlage to manipulate with the keys.
it took me years to get the sharepoint sync folder out of my profile... but i added it back just to check. (Are you worth it? lol) I'm not sure its much help though... i will test it later today with some of my test accounts in the same tenant - they'll be less confusing because the assigned to named will be unique.

Fortunately there were a mix of old tasks assigned to me and to others still left in the tasks (that is partly why we stopped using it - small org and the people who checked mail on smartphones 99% of the time did want to use it).

Past due tasks i assigned to others do not show in my task list but tasks i assigned to either myself or my other account are showing in the list. I don't have multiple tenants with sharepoint so i cant test your exact scenario though... and i don't know if the tasks are showing because one of my accounts assigned them or because the account is in the profile. (My primary exchange account is 'my other account'... the list is subscribed by a second account. which is also the one that assigned the task - Me in the owner column.)

I can see completed tasks - i'm assuming because i assigned them. But not the ones still active.
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