Task in SharePoint-list not visible to colleagues

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Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Exchange Server

My previous post regarding a non working macro has somewhat been resolved. The macro works now and converts incoming mail to tasks and puts them in a dedicated SharePoint-list.

The problem is - which is very odd - that it is only visible to me:(

When my colleagues try to synchronize from the SharePoint web page towards the SharePoint directory (as seen in Outlook), they simply can't see the task, but when I do the same I can see it.

I guess this must be a permisson problem, but I can not figure out how?

The common account is logged in and executes the macro just as it should. That means the task ends up in the correct directory, so it should not have anything to do with Outlook permissions, but this SharePoint directory is readable for all my colleagues, so why on earth can't they see the newly posted tasks (without me "rubbing" the directory first)?

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