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Hi folks!

The following code was put in a self-signed macro two months ago and was working like a charm, but now it doesn't work any more. Any ideas why?

This macro converts incoming mail to a task and then moves them to a SharePoint-list. What happends is that it doesn't do it automatic anymore, but if I run the macro manually it still works. What may cause this?

Sub ConvertMailtoTask(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

Dim objTask As Outlook.TaskItem
Set objTask = Application.CreateItem(olTaskItem)

'move this up here just to get it out of the way
Set SPSFolder = GetFolderPath("SharePoint-lists\Archiving - Archiving registry")

' this creates and saves the task

With objTask
.Subject = Item.Subject
.StartDate = Item.ReceivedTime
.Body = Item.Body
End With

' this can go right before 'end with' (if so remove ojbtask from it)
objTask.Move SPSFolder

' this goes last, before the sub ends
Set objTask = Nothing

End Sub

Function GetFolderPath(ByVal FolderPath As String) As Outlook.Folder

Dim oFolder As Outlook.Folder

Dim FoldersArray As Variant

Dim i As Integer

On Error GoTo GetFolderPath_Error

If Left(FolderPath, 2) = "\\" Then

FolderPath = Right(FolderPath, Len(FolderPath) - 2)

End If

'Convert folderpath to array

FoldersArray = Split(FolderPath, "\")

Set oFolder = Application.Session.Folders.Item(FoldersArray(0))

If Not oFolder Is Nothing Then

For i = 1 To UBound(FoldersArray, 1)

Dim SubFolders As Outlook.Folders

Set SubFolders = oFolder.Folders

Set oFolder = SubFolders.Item(FoldersArray(i))

If oFolder Is Nothing Then

Set GetFolderPath = Nothing

End If


End If

'Return the oFolder

Set GetFolderPath = oFolder

Exit Function


Set GetFolderPath = Nothing

Exit Function

End Function

Many thanks for your help:)

Well, I found the problem. I had been a little sloppy:) They path was misspelled in the line:

Set SPSFolder = GetFolderPath("SharePoint-lists\Archiving - Archiving registry")

After correction it works again:)
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