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Just registered here after having a number of useful responses from you in Microsoft Answers forum.
I also read your article on vCards and Outlook, which i am currently on a mission to have all my contacts from various phones, iphones etc. organised within Outlook
I find MS Outlook the best place to keep sort and organise stuff. Once its in there that is !

So, vCards can be either multiple or collected all in one vcf file.
Just wondering if there are any advantages; disadvantages or preferences of one method over the other?
I will prob store my contacts backups in this format

Outlook cannot currently use a vcard file that contains multiple cards, it needs one card per contact. Obviously, the easiest way to store the vcards is in a multi-vcard, but Outlook can't do it. :(
Thankyou for the Reply,,,
I have a number of backup Contacts now ,,, in various forms;
1) vcf (from old iphones)
2) Backup pst's ,,, some which ive tried to combine (or is it Merge? or is it Link ?or is it sync? ,,, very messie this auto Link stuff )
3) And even some csv's where ive tried to sort manually

The main problem ive had is that things seem to import/copy/sync ,, whatever ,,, all ok
But then on closer investigation (as time goes by). one finds that Hmm ,,, that import I did 3weeks ago ,, well it didn't bring across all my Numbers ,,, why? , because it didn't recognise that particular Field, Or even worse it imports the number and overwrites an existing number in a different field ,,, bad Field mapping?
Lots of other stumbling blocks as I try to sort this mess ,,,
Even Outlook 2013 and "People" in has a Mismatch of Fields ,,,
Nothing worse then thinking ive got Numbers on my phone contacts (phones a good place for them)
Then I go select there name from phone contacts (on myphone) ,, and well no number there :( , so I delete it from the phone thinking its useless having a name without any details ,,, Hmmm another Mistake ,,, because The Number was there in Outlook 2013, And,,,
Because my phone contacts are syncing to Outlook 2013, via Outlook Live (is that how it works?)
Well ,,, I just Deleted all record of possible valuable information ,,,

I am also tempted to start from scratch with all my contacts and go through old hand written diaries ,Yellow pages or something ,,, Do people still keep there details n things like that? ,,, yellowPages / WhitePages

You can see the Can of worms a guy like me can get into as i ramble on with my semi puter literate thinkings
I'll report back here with how I finally finish up with this :)

1. vcf from iphones are multi's - they need imported into gmail and exported as CSV, mapping the fields during import.

2. backup psts: open the pst and move or copy the contacts. If you link contacts using the Contacts field, you need to move them to better preserve the links. (Linking is mostly gone in outlook 2013, so it might not matter). This method should always work as expected, with the fields kept. However, if you have existing contacts you'll be asked to merge duplicate contacts, although it can be disabled in File, Options, People.

3. csv's need to have the fields mapped during import.

My preference is #2, backup copies of the pst.

The main fields in should map correctly - I know web page address didn't and a couple of others don't. What some people do is keep a copy of the details in the notes field, because search on the phone finds everything that way and its easier to view the details.
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