Importing multiple record from .vcf (vCard) file

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In a nutshell I have about 300 records in a .vcf (vCard) file and those records were exported from a mobile phone and got all in a file name "All_Contacts.vcf" . When I try importing these records in Outlook 2007 Contacts I get only one (the topmost record) imported. If I try importing again then the same record (the topmost record) gets imported again. I do not think that this is the limitation of Outlook, but I am not sure because I stumbled upon a program called vCard ImportExport and using that program I can import multiple records, but it has a limitation of importing the first 10 records only. Does that mean that this program was made by this company because it figured out a limitation of Outlook 2007 import feature?

Can someone please help me in finding out how to import multiple entries using Outlook 2007 File -> Import and Export command.
Outlook 2007 doesn't support multi-vcards (or multi-icals). The only way to import it is using a 3rd party utility or importing into another program then exporting as individual items. See for a list of utilities that may work - some will import multiple individual vcards, others with a multi-vcard.
I am also a regular searcher of new system utilities and tool and checked out numerous utilities for same regard but find out all of have few limitations. Finally i got, an small investment is only possible solution for saving the time and effort. Visited a vCard converter tool provider website and made out a order process which cost me $49 only but saved lots of effort and time. A great thing with this tool for me was import as well export functionality in bulk which impress me for this investment.

Importing multiple record from single entry vCard files (Per contacts individual vCard files) is so easy than multiple entry. Well, you can import multiple records from multiple entry vCard files (Single vCard file for multiple contacts) but this is a bit complicated. For that,

  1. Open vCard file in hex editor
  2. Select a single record details which separated with:

  1. Copy and paste in Notepad
  2. save it with .vcf extension
  3. Do same process for each contacts details
  4. Once you done, do the File >> Import & Export >> Import a vCard File process in Outlook
Anyone can try this but it is very very rotten work in mine case thatswhy i preferred third party vCard import tool.
I have a fairly simple, free solution for this. I found this thread while searching my problem, which is basically the exact issue the OP had. I had a vcard .vcf file with multiple contacts exported from my phone and I wanted to import these into Outlook 2010.

GMail allows you to import multiple contacts using .vcf file. Once you have the contacts in GMail, you can export them to a Outlook CSV format. This CSV file can then be imported into Outlook.
Excellent idea, thanks for sharing. It's definitely much better than the solutions the spammers are trying to sell.
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