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Hi all. I think I asked this question years ago on this forum (because it's the best Outlook forum there is) but since it's been a while I'll ask again because things may have changed. Is it yet possible using code or an add-in to do a mail merge to a mixture of contacts and contact groups? Some organizations actually prefer to receive an email in tandem with their other colleagues. Also, it eliminates me sending several people in the same organization receiving an almost identical email and looking like a prat. Thanks in advance..
I don't have a macro that does both (Actually i do, but forgot :)), but i do have one that does contact groups. Actually, two - one to merge to contact groups, one merges to members of contact groups.

Mail merge to members of a contact group <== this is a basic proof-of-concept demo macro. Select a contact group, run the macro and a message is created for each.

Mail Merge to Contact Groups <== this can do both groups and contacts. Create the message, add the recipients then run the macro to send the message individually to each recipient. Delete this 'merge template' message.
Thanks for your reply Diane. The second one looks up my alley. Can the message be personalized like regular Mail Merge, say, to include the Company name in the body text? <Company> etc..
short version, no, not by pulling anything from the contact as the macro is currently written. if everyone is from the same company, then yes. :)

long version, yes, but you need to add code to lookup each contact. i don't have a macro that does this for mail merge but do have some that look up contacts. The example at the end of Create a List of Meeting Attendees and Responses shows how to look up the contact and grab fields - the macro at Mail Merge to Email using an Outlook Macro shows one way to merge, or use Replace to replace unique keywords (Replace(item.body, "xxxcompanyxxx", Word's search and replace function should work too. (ah, the benefits of word as the editor).
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