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If that key combo is used to insert today's date into the body of a contact, is there a way to set a default so the date will not automatically update?

(Ctr Shift F9 locks date field so it WONT automatically update, at least in OneNote, but I want the default to be non-auto updating)

Somewhere i saw a setting in Outlook to disable auto update of date stamps, but can't find my way back to that setting. And don't know if it would even do what I want to achieve.

btw, this is Office 365, local Outlook 2016
If you use the command button, you can enable or disable updating. But that setting only applies to entering it using the disalog. Alt+N,D, Enter will insert the default date format using the dialog below.

Using the keyboard shortcut is always going to update. (It's Alt+Shift+D BTW. :) )

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