Calendar View - Go to Today (Alt+O keystroke gone in 2010)

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We've recently upgraded to 2010 from 2003. I used to use Alt+O to go to today's date in the calendar but that is no longer available. I tried putting the Today (green arrow) key in the quick access toolbar. It is now in position #4, so I can click Alt, let go of Alt and type 4 to get the same effect. However, there are drawbacks to this approach because Alt+4 is also the keystroke for "View four days in the calendar", so if I time it wrong I have to change the view. Also, pressing Alt isn't always immediately recognized as a shortcut on the ribbon (the underlines don't appear right away), so I am forever typing the number "4" into my calendar. Is there some VBA code I can use? I am frustrated because I can't even record a macro now and I don't know what the code would be to create my macro.

If a macro isn't the solution, is there some other quick key that applies to calendar views? the quick keys seem limited to the mail portion of Outlook.

Trying to remain positive about this "upgrade" but I have lost a lot of productivity with all of the keystroke changes...
Alt + hod or Context menu key, then o (same as right click, today) - neither is a good replacement, but the context menu is workable on most laptops, less so with some desktop keyboards.

BTW, you couldn't record macros in older versions of outlook either - and I'm not sure it would solve your problem - only make a new keystroke to use.
Oh - I love the context menu option. That is very helpful. Funny - I thought I'd recorded a macro before. Rose tinted glasses I guess.

Thank you so much.
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