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I want to setup a view, similar to the "Calendar View" - "Work Week arrangement". I want to use the standard Calendar view, and be able to select an arrangement that will either:
1. Give me M-F and Saturday/Sunday at the end of the column (as in Week arrangement),
2. Give me just Saturday/Sunday arrangement view.

I know I can go into settings/options and change certain defaults there to change ALL calendars for Outlook, but I wish to leave the defaults and use a view to swap around from the default to just viewing weekends either independently, or grouped together in the "week" view.

Currently, when I display the Calendar in the "Week" arrangement, I have Sunday as the first column and Saturday as the last column. I prefer that as my default, and use it most of the time. But on occasion, I need the 2 sequential weekend days displayed together for planning purposes.

Diane Poremsky

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You can do this using Ctrl+click on the navigation calendar - or select Sat and Alt+2 - this will be a lot easier than trying to make a weekend only custom view. It doesn't matter which of the day/week/month views you use - as soon as you select Sat, it drops to the day view then you can select more days using Alt+ 2 or clicking.


You can show up to 10 days using this method - they don't need to be contiguous either. You can show two weekends together... and if you hit the < or >, it keeps the same pattern, moving to the next day.