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I am needing to know how do you put a hold on spam? I know you told me before, but I cant find the original post.

What I am talking about is where your spam is held until you review it and then allow or throw away what you dont want.
I know you go to Security and compliance and set it up there I do believe. Or was it Mail Flow? I can't remember.

It was something you told me to set up I do remember that much.

Thanks in advance,
Any screenshots would help too!

You can set up quarantine - this lists the spam that is not delivered to the junk mail folder. That is at Sign in to your account in the new admin design.

I would like to get the directions on how to set up Quarantine.. I tried googling spam quarantine and all I am getting is setting up another mailbox for spam quarantine.
Set it up in the spam filter -

View the Quarantined mail here - protection.office.com/quarantine
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