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Inadvertently joined well over a month ago, and since then I have had NO junk or spam emails whatsoever..

Sadly since the day i joined, ms lost my hotmail acc and my address book and that is why no more spam or junk in fact NO emails have been received since my disastrous transfer to outlook, on their pretext that hotmail was coming to an end..

you may wonder why write this here in the Outlook Forums, simple really, outlok does not have a contact us button nor does it list an email addy to which you can ask questions etc, as is the norm with most genuine sites that have nothing to hide.

of course they have the magic word "feedback" and despite many many questons as to where my hotmail acc is they of course in true ms fashion refuse to answer.

this staggeringly bad idea has cost me so far many hundreds of pounds in lost business and cannot contact anyone as my addy book disappeared along with my hotmail acc. 09no sign of an addressbook or contacts folder in the new outlook either, many hundreds are askig where it is)

also concerned that i have now lost access to 3 online game sites that i have used a lot and spent much money with due to the company's concerned claiming that they cannot confirm my credibility via my hotmail address as provided when i joined.

great work ms , this practise of no contact us and no email addy to write to may very soon in the eu become (via petitions) illegal and then perhaps you may be forced to reply to sensible questions, such as why have you now hijacked all addresses written in address bar then take you straight to knowing the hotmail acc in my case has been lost by ms.

try typing, " or into a browser addressbar and you will see it gets hijacked imediately.

well at least i have no spam nor junkmail anymore asi said i have not received 1 email from anyone since this disatrous outlook stole my hotmail and lost it.

another hotmail member forced to an email provider that is not in any way anything to do with ms.

I didn't convert my address, i switched the interface over to and i added the address to my Hotmail one as a secondary address, mostly to claim it some no one else could.

when you say is hijacked, you means it goes to This is because you are signed in using your liveid. Try signing out and signing back in with the Hotmail id. Or... use InPrivate browsing option and log in using the old address.
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