RE: How to display more items per day in monthly calendar?

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daniel heit

In Outlook 2007 it seems virtually impossible to add see more than two

calendars items for a particular day when in month view. I often have 5+

things scheduled per day and it would benefit me incredibly to see things a

month out and see what is scheduled for each day. I had decided to give up

on the possibility of existing since i couldn't any settings / view changes

that would enable this. Then I saw a video training on Outlook on the

microsoft website and it shows a monthly calendar with multiple calendar

items within view on that front calendar page.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

"hdtolan" wrote:

> I use the monthly calendar view in Outlook 2003 to manage my schedule but I
> often have more items in a single day than will display in the box for that
> day. How can I display more items per day in the monthly calendar view?

Diane Poremsky

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What screen resolution do you use? Is outlook at full screen? How many rows

of tool bars?

At 1024x768 with Outlook at full screen with 1 row of toolbars, you should

see a minimum of 3 items. ( ) If you turn

off all toolbars, the status bar and hide the taskbar (or put it on the

right) you'll get 4.

If you want to see more, you need to use a higher screen resolution or show

fewer weeks - see for the method.



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Unfortunately, the only real way to properly adjust the view is in the XML and css files. If you find them, back them up and check them for the view settings (Look for values that show percentages, number of events, etc), you can build yourself a better viewing experience. I guess they thought business people wouldn't have anything better to do than learn how to program their own stuff in code. I have the same problem, only mine has a different connotation.

I have a situation where the monthly view must be scrollable, and adjust to the amount of data in the row, as well as making sure the columns are more coherent sizes, showing locations. Why is it that when microsoft sells a product, they seem to intentionally try to put you off it? It's absolutely assinine.

However, I had a thought.... What if you altered the word document that pulled in the calendar data, the one with the weekly\monthly view, so that it constantly checks against a specific calendar or calendars? Have it save the entire document to a location you select (WebDav anybody?) and now you've got a calendar that refreshes it's view and creates a basic calendar webpage. Set the number of months, set the views, save as .dotx, open and save as HTML with a specific filename in webdav, "index.html" perhaps... What's needed? A copy of outlook logged in to all the calendars, you want to view, a copy of excel or word with a vba macro template of your choosing, and some time to code the extra vba to count the time in minutes, and roughly every set interval, there will be a process run to reload the page. Set up an index page of your own with absolute links to the filenames, and you can host your own calendar site, with a scrollable view.

Speaking of which, you may want to look into IIS for XP\vista\7. It's a cheap way to host Intranet sites. Of course if you Publish your sites using outlook, even with restricted URL's, you can attach those URL's as a signature to every separate calendar page. Now you not only have a view, but you have an ical feed subscription link on your page.
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